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Prepare for the peak

If you’re like most Canadians, you’ve probably been working for quite some time—in all likelihood, since your early 20s. And, if you were like most people, you probably didn’t earn much in your 20s. That first job (maybe the first few) likely saw you just scraping by.

But, now that you’ve been in the workforce for a while, your finances likely are more stable. You’ve had a few raises, and a promotion or two. And while nothing is ever certain, your career is on the right track, and your financial situation is steadily improving.

Congratulations: you’ve reached your peak earnings years.

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Are You Ready To Deal With A Critical Illness?

Consider the following facts:

  • 40% of Canadian women and 45% of men will develop cancer during their lifetime
  • In 2005, cardiovascular disease (heart disease, diseases of the blood vessels and stroke) accounted for 31% of all deaths in Canada

Advances in medical science means that you have a better chance of surviving a critical illness. However, a critical illness often is accompanied by a huge financial burden to you and your family. Read more »


Disability Income Insurance

Disability health insurance provides you with income when you lose your income due to a disability, accident or sickness. The factor that could be protecting your financial stability in the future is disability health insurance. Your future income is your greatest asset!

Just think about it. Your home, retirement savings, cottage and automobile are all assets you own because of your income!

Protect your income with a custom designed disability health insurance policy. Protect your wealth! Secure your future earnings. Call us today


Critical Illness Insurance

Medical advancements have improved to the point that people are surviving conditions that previously resulted in certain death.  Due to increased survival rates, the survivors of these illnesses require financial support to continue maintaining their standard of living.

Before we examine the various Critical Illness policies, it would be prudent to examine statistical data that enables us to see why this coverage is crucial when it comes to protecting your financial future.  Did you know… Read more »