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Five great reasons to leave your desk at lunch

by Katherine Janson for Participaction

My brother lived and worked in Switzerland for a decade, and we would often compare notes on what working life was like over there, versus here in Canada.  When he told his boss that his sister ate her lunch at her desk every day, she laughed.  She thought he was joking!  In his office, a coffee break meant leaving the office with colleagues to walk down to the harbour for a quick espresso at a café, and a stroll back.  In mine, it meant making sure I could knock back my morning coffee without knocking it over into my keyboard. Read more »


Considering camping this summer?

Here’s how to make it active!

Camping is a great way to take a break from the stresses of modern day life – work pressure, deadlines, the Internet, social media, traffic, cell phones – because it allows us to be outside in nature and provides time and opportunities to be active.  All that fresh air and vitamin D is bound to relax us and improve our moods. In fact, studies show that spending time in nature can provide health benefits like reduced blood pressure and stress.[i] Read more »


Travel vaccinations: What to know before you go

By Anna Sharratt,

Alina Valachi hasn’t forgotten her last trip to Pakistan. “My husband contracted malaria two weeks into the trip,” she says. This was despite taking precautions such as spraying their room with pesticides, wearing long-sleeved clothing and applying mosquito repellent. “He was born and raised in Pakistan, and had never contracted malaria — he assumed that he had immunity to the disease,” she says.
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One Simple Solution for Medication Safety