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May 6, 2014

Insurance Audit Service

Sometimes you can make more money by saving premiums and tax than having to earn more money.  Do not leave your insurance planning to chance, call us to receive independent qualified advice.

  • Does your insurance policy have the beneficiary named to whom you want money paid to?
  • Are payments from your policy taxable to you or your beneficiary?
  • Are you paying extra premiums due to health or avocation?  Why?
  • Is your policy premium guaranteed?  When will it change and by how much?
  • Are you paying for policies you no longer need?
  • Is there a better way and more tax effective way to pay for your policies? Company, Trust, Professional Services Corporation.
  • Have you compared pricing for the insurance you currently own?
  • If you are healthy and own a 5 or 10 year term policy that is more than 10 years old, you are paying too much.

As Independent Advisors representing numerous insurers, we will provide you with premium savings.

  • How much insurance coverage should you own?  Have you completed a “Needs Analysis”?
  • Will your policy expire before you die?, get disabled? or are critically ill?
  • With all the mergers in the industry, do you know who would be paying the claim today under your contract?
  • “Own Occupation” and “Any Occupation”definitions are a world apart under a disability contract, which one are you covered under?
  • Does your disability coverage give you protection you need or are you playing Russian Roulette?
  • Critical Illness policies differ between all the insurers with very few common definitions within the contract.  Is your plan going to pay you when you need it the most?
  • Have you made provisions to protect you and your family from costs created by the need for Long Term Care?
  • Have you looked at your current situation and how will your coverage protect you , today and in the future?
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