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May 6, 2014

Employee Benefits

The importance of employee benefits to recruiting and retaining qualified personnel cannot be understated: an effective benefits program requires a significant commitment from the employer. It makes sense then, that the employer should get the best possible advice to develop the most effective and competitive employee benefits program possible. The Barrington Wealth Partners Employee Benefits division is a proven leader in providing valuable advice and designing effective benefit plans for our corporate clients and their employees.

The programs we develop reflect the objectives defined by our clients utilizing effective benefits design and underwriting methods. We ensure that the benefit plans we design make the most of advances in technology. We also assist clients with the integration of the program into their company. This includes helping to communicate the benefits and procedures of the chosen program to employees and administrators.

Once the program is in place, we continue to build the relationship through focused reviews and by providing assistance with specific claim issues. We also ensure that our clients are informed of major developments and advances in the industry, especially in those areas where technology is redefining the approach to employee benefits.

Ultimately, when our customers look to us for direction, the mission of Barrington Wealth Partners is to provide the expertise and the options for clients to make the best decisions for their benefits program. We never forget that our business is based on our clients’ confidence that we will provide them with the best possible solutions.

At Barrington Wealth Partners, our goal is to earn the confidence of our clients through solid, long-term financial strategies for today’s volatile markets.