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May 6, 2014

Financial Planning

Creating a true “Comprehensive Financial Plan” for our clients is the central focus of Barrington Wealth Partners. Our clients like the piece of mind that comes with clarity.

The development of a comprehensive financial plan is an ongoing process that requires review and monitoring to ensure that strategies remain consistent with your goals, needs, and priorities. It should be noted that writing and presenting the financial plan is only half the process, without implementation of the recommendations made, the financial plan serves no purpose and has little value. The process will involve six steps:

  1. Define the terms of engagement (choice of fee or no fee option)
  2. Identify your goals, needs and priorities and obtain sufficient information and documentation
  3. Analyze and evaluate the information with respect to your goals, needs and priorities
  4. Identify and evaluate the financial planning strategies and present the financialplanning recommendations
  5. Agree on implementation, action, responsibilities and time frames to implement the financial plan
  6. Agree on responsibilities and time frame for review, re-evaluation and monitoring of the financial plan
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